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On this page I will bring to light the influence of movies and television on peoples, thoughts, as well as their lives, and mainly the lack of awareness of the same.



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Television & Movies


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"What does not kill you makes you stronger" is well known quote, but that the unseen is the most dangerous is hardly ever mentioned. Every time you watch television program or a movie you are literally entering the mind of the creator, and if you walk in darkness you will not know what came home with you to dwell in your mind once you leave.

Someone once said that every time you turn the TV on you are letting the devil in your  house. And of course many folks laugh at it due, not only to the lack of understanding of the word, but mainly to the lack of understanding of the powerful effects of the television and motion pictures arts on the human mind.  If these arts would not be that effective the religious, the politicians or the merchants would not use them. Why do you think the commercial art is so expensive to present on TV? Because it works on all those that are not aware, on all those that walk in darkens. Of course now the question is "how can the blind man know his state of existence in darkens, isn't everything darkness to him?"
Since all arts are in one way or the other spiritually inspired, if you lack in spiritual sight you are simply blind. If a man is born without a sense, like the sight, how would you explain to him what it is to see? Cannot be done!

It would be fair to add that what one does for entertainment in his free time not only reflects his person, but mainly his spirit and soul. See yourself in it, and then remember the Delphic maxim 'Know Thyself'.






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