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Should homosexuality be a subject to one's sexual preference, then homosexuality would also be a subject to one's personal choice. Is it?




Should homosexuality be a subject to one's sexual preference, then homosexuality would also be a subject to one's personal choice. Is it?
As it is we do not choose what sexually stimulate us, but rather we are sexually stimulated one way or the other, one person more than another, and by one thing or another.

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The straight person did not choose to be straight anymore than a homosexual chose to be one. And so, since this is beyond our choosing we need to look deeper in the matter, while keeping things not only simple but in proper perspective. As I have mentioned, in other articles, we have three realities that we are aware of, or better said that we should be aware of.

These are the natural reality, the world reality and the spiritual reality. Obviously, one does not need to be a genius to put sex into the suitable reality perspective, which is the nature; hence we should first look into the nature, and at the same time into the nature of sex.

The sex, as we call it, in nature belongs simply to the natural instinct of life proliferation, and it is in all species, obviously. Henceforth, the "desire" for sex in people is purely instinctive, which is mostly related to hormones in animals, and in people, in addition to that, is influenced by our psyche, thoughts, reasoning and emotions. Since the sexual desire is predominantly driven by the proliferation instinct, it is hardly a choice, but rather instinctively driven.

The whole point of human beings becoming civilized is to curb the natural instincts in them, and that either by the law, or by education, the latter brings understanding, while the former tends to give birth to a rebellion, intolerance, resentment, and often even pure hate.

The religious laws of most religions forbid the acts of homosexuality, but they also forbid any sexual relationship outside the marriage. Therefore, those they accuse homosexuals of improper and indecent sexual conduct, but themselves partake in the unlawful sexual relationships, are equally as guilty as the homosexuals, according to these religious laws, by which such accuser becomes a hypocrite. One truly has to wonder what is a greater transgression, being a hypocrite or homosexual. At least in this case, the homosexual is aware of his or her state, as opposed to the accuser, that for most part denies who he or she is. Since we are talking about religions, especially in this case, one should remember the meaning of the word "Satan", which is, "The Accuser"

Most of the homosexual folks, in order to justify their behaviors before the accusers, will tend to point out to nature, presenting various examples of some kind of sexual relationship between animals of the same gender. This however, will hardly do anything in defense of homosexuality, since these folks compare their sexual attractions to animals, and that inadequately, especially when it comes to men. By inadequately I mean, that there is no "sodomy" present in nature, therefore sodomy is an unnatural act of humanity, perverting the natural, which does not pertain only to homosexuals, but to heterosexual as well.

Since I have worked most of my life with nature and the animals within, I have observed same gender attractions in some of these animals. I did not observe these for the purpose of explaining the issues of same gender attractions, but rather I had to deal with the situations, and here are some of my experiences.

It is not common, but also it is not rare, in breeding of horses to deal with the same gender attraction, which has to be resolved in one way or the other, since we are often talking about a lot of money, especially in the Thoroughbred industry. And so, the common thing to do with a mare that is refusing the stallion, is to call the veterinarian, in other words a doctor. The doctor usually examines the mare for any physical problems that could cause the mare to reject the stallion, and if the mare is noticeably attracted to the other females, a hormone treatment is prescribed, which in almost all cases solves the problem but not always. However, one has to keep in mind that we are talking about breeding horses in captivity, including horses coming from the racetrack, where they are often injected with male hormones in order to perform better on the track. By this I am not saying, that all the cases were caused by the injections of male hormones into the mares, as I came across several cases where the mares were never injected with anything. To some up the above, it is quite clear that this was medically treatable.

In another case, where I came across with species attraction to same gender, I was breeding tropical fish and selling them to pet shops. It became clearly apparent that the size of the living space has a great influence not only on the reproduction, but also on the same gender attractions. Apparently, this seemed to be the nature's defense against over population. Should it be so, it is not surprising that homosexuality was predominating in the big cities, as opposed to the country.

And of course there is the third reason for same gender attraction that I have observed, and that is where there is only same gender social interaction. In human beings it is very common in prisons, or among the Greeks in the Ancient Greece, where men lived among men, or boys, for a longer period of time. Of course the Greeks had other reasons, but they are besides the point here.

Now, since homosexuality is hardly a choice, it could not be called a sexual preference or orientation, but rather the proper term should be, "sexual disorientation". In other, and simple words, since sex comes from the instinct of life's proliferation, if one is attracted to the same gender, there would hardly be any proliferation. Since homosexuality is a sexual disorientation, or disorder if you will, it undoubtedly qualifies as an ailment, and should it be socially, as well as individually, perceived as such, we would have much less discrimination, and hardly any, so-called, hate crimes against homosexuals.

However, there is a huge problem when taking into consideration all that has been said. Should there be a cure, would there be away out for the homosexual, would he or she take the step? It is very hard for me to elaborate, since I cannot imagine how it feels, but I presume that the attraction to the same gender is similar to the heterosexuals attracted to the opposite sex. Therefore, a genuine question rises here, "How many people in the world would take a medicine, or have an operation, if possible, to remove from them any sexual attraction to another person what so ever?" And so, for the homosexual it is more likely the same choice as for the heterosexual, a very difficult one, especially by the youth. And so, one is better of refraining from judgment over others, especially when it comes to Christians, who according to the book, are not to judge people outside their faith and Christian community.

In conclusion, I would like to say, that sex among humans is a matter of intimacy, at least it used to be, or should be, and so we are well advised to keep our intimate lives behind closed doors. To put it bluntly, we all, heterosexuals, as well as homosexuals, should go back to the closets and close the doors, since what goes on behind closed doors is nobody's business, at least not in a free society. Most importantly, the government of any state or country should not be involved, because once the government gets involved in people's personal business, the people will have no personal lives, and of course no freedom and liberties at all. We should recognize mostly the separation of church and state, which is supported not only by the constitution, but also by the bible, unlike in the case of Islam, which is a horrific blend of state and religion.

There are religious laws to which the believers submit themselves willingly, unlike the state laws that are enforced. Won't we all have more freedom if we submit ourselves to the religious laws, since it is voluntary, than if we create more social laws that are enforced? The perversion of spirituality, or better said religion, is found in religions that want to control the state, and rule over the people. The result of this combination is pure evil, corruption and violence, to which the history bears witness.

Written by Ludvik K. Stanek




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