About The Choice Of Abortion

In this article I am presenting the absurdity of the arguments between pro-life and pro-choice gorups, and the political explotation of the same.


About The Choice Of Abortion


The abortion is just another issue that could be resolved fairly easily, but in the world of politics it became the tool for creating division among the people, same way as homosexuality, same sex marriage, racism and the like. It is fairly obvious that the media, the movies and the television live of these controversies.
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In other words, controversial topics draw people to watch the news, and mainly the social, judicial and political commentating, which needless to say are full of controversial views. I will present in more details the use of TV and movies in the manipulating of the human minds and thoughts on the appropriate subject page.

And so, in the case of abortion we have the two opposing sides, or interests if you will, the pro-choice and the pro-life. The self-branding of the latter group distorts the presentation of their side of the argument, and that mainly to themselves.

The so-called pro-life folks, which are for most part religious people and mainly Christians, should remember the teaching of the bible, and as it is they seem to ignore it. If they would not be so ignorant of their own scriptures, they would never take part in any of the debates or arguments. Here are just a few Biblical points to present to these so-called Christians, who get involved in these non-sense arguments.

1. First and foremost, no child is born by man willing it, but rather by God willing it.

2. You are not to judge the people outside of your community and faith.

3. You are not to get involved in the affairs of the worldly, in the affairs of the state, and let alone in politics. One cannot serve two masters, God and the state, hence give to Cesar what is Cesar's, which does not apply only to taxes. Also a reminder of a quote; "No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other", which does not apply to money only, but also to the world, or state. Therefore, "You cannot serve both, God and the world or the state", after all, as the bible states, this world belongs to the devil.

4. The involvement in politics by a Christian is a genuine perversion of the faith, as the definition of the word politics bears witness to it. Noun politics: "The social relations involving intrigue to gain authority or power".

5. The state or world politics is a cesspool, how could you expect to come out clean once you get in?

And I could go on with numerous examples backed by the word, that pretty much point out, that any decent person of the faith does not get involved in politics and the affairs of the state, especially not once the state guarantees the freedom of the faith, like here in the USA, unlike in many other countries.

Furthermore, the question rises, "Why do you concern yourself with the decline in the proliferation of the wicked by objecting to the abortion of their children"? Aren't they heading for self-destruction? And wouldn't the aborting of their children be part of that? In such case, are you not standing against the hand and the will of God? Wouldn't it be wiser for every aborted child to raise a new one into the faith?

And so, in simple words, if you oppose abortion, don't have one! If and when you ask the state to interfere in the private affairs of the citizens, are you not jeopardizing the personal liberties you had till now? In short, any person that claims to be a Christian, and gets involved in any of these debates in public, is not true to the faith, but rather is a religious fanatic or an opportunist. The Christian faith has been not only discredited, but also put to shame, by all those who got involved in the state functions and politics, especially by bringing the faith into the affairs of the state.

The so-called pro-choice people are for most part not religious, but like the religious, they too, contradict themselves. On one hand they insist that the state has no right to interfere, and that the state has no right over someone's body. This is something that both should agree on, support, and demand from the state to stay out.

However, one has to ask the question: "Do these pro-choice folks really want that or do they rather prefer that the state makes it legal?" It is more than apparent that the pro-choice folks want the state to get involved and make it legal, and this for a simple reason. When a woman goes for abortion it is often but not always a difficult choice since women are very judgmental, and often suffer from the guilt complex. The nature of the woman, as well as her conscience, stands against the abortion, and so the declaring of the abortion as legal would then release the woman from the guilt, since it is approved by the society and the state, and she no longer stands alone.

And so it seems more than obvious that this issue should be dropped from the legislative table of the state. And as far as the doctors go they should be left free to do what is needed and what is morally acceptable to them according to their choice as well. No one should stand in judgment of their actions in regard to abortions, since in this, they at least insure a professional and safe execution.

If they are not allowed to perform abortions it will give the rise to illegal practices and to less qualified doctors, or the witch-doctors if you will, of which some would perform these abortions even with just a coat hanger. Do we really want to go there? Do the Christians want to be the cause of this? What sense does it make trying to save the unborn while condemning the living, and removing from them any hope for redemption? Does not mercy triumph over judgment, or hope over despair, and understanding over ignorance?

To believe in God, or not to believe, is a personal choice, as much as to sin or not to sin, or to have abortion or not. God did not bless the man with some gift of free will, but rather made him the subject to the same. Before man is life and death, whichever he chooses will be given to him, hence "to be or not to be", that, is the question; or should I rather say, a choice?

Written by Ludvik K. Stanek




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