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On this page I will present the dilemmas of our societies and their satirical laws, rules and regulations, especially of the concept that people can govern themselves.



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Society & Its Dilemmas



It has been said already in the times of antiquity that the concept of good and evil differs even among the gods. Then we have the quote "absolute power corrupts absolutely", and so if power corrupts and we give the "power to the people", what should one expect? Another oxymoron is the concept of democracy or republic governed by the "rule of law and its enforcement" while calling it "the free society". Isn't it the law that curbs the man's freedom and deprives him of it? Is not the rule of law enforcement the rule of violence since we are talking about in-forcing it on the subjects of such society?

Paul once said that the law was made for the unruly, the thieves, liars and deceivers, the rapists and murders. And so, if it is so, do not the laws of the land reflect the state of such society that is failing to curb the animalistic instincts of its subjects through education? Henceforth the more laws we make the more primitive we become.  Nothing grows in chains and restrained, hence we will never grow through the law but only through awareness and education. And so as long we live according to the right and wrong, according to our justice, we will never mature, never grow and surely will perish. One is wise to assess his actions according to the consequences that they may have on life in general, not only on his own.

One should wonder why we depict our justice as a blind woman carrying a sword. It is never about any justice but always about vengeance and retribution. One is wise to remember that "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned", which pretty much sums up the the human concept of justice as madness. It is not for nothing said that the justice of God is not like the justice of men, which is summed up in "Mercy triumphs over judgment", but not among the vengeful people.



  • Human Rights
  • Equality (men and women).
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    In this article I am presenting the absurdity of the arguments between pro-life and pro-choice gorups, and the political explotation of the same.
  • Same Sex Marriage
    In this article I simply present the absurdity of the arguments about sex marriage, as well as a simple solution to solve this issue.
  • About Homosexuality
    Should homosexuality be a subject to one's sexual preference, then homosexuality would also be a subject to one's personal choice. Is it?







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