The Hell, the Devil & Satan

Here are just some of the basic realities that you can see and verify in your life, and all it takes is the simple understanding of words.


The Hell, the Devil & Satan - Delusions & Realities.


Delusions, or illusions if you will, exist solely in the mind, while realities are something that one can be aware of, hence the phrase: "all truth is self-evident".

 And since delusions or illusions exist only in the mind they have infinite possibilities depending on the creativity of such mind that brings them to life through speech.

Here are just some of the basic realities that you can see and verify in your life, and all it takes is the simple understanding of words, while failing in the latter will create delusions when reading relevant writings.

At the start I would like to clarify the meaning of the word spirit, for most people tend to misunderstand it, especially when it comes to the religious text, mainly the bible. Besides other definition the word spirit mainly refers to "the vital principle or animating force within living things - beings", while it also refers to "any incorporeal supernatural being that can become visible (or audible) to human beings". Now if one fails to see in the writing which of the definitions is relevant to the word within the context of the writing, he will of course misunderstand and end up deluding himself, and then when teaching or preaching he will mislead, or better said deceive, many.

In this writing I will leave out the second definition, which is referring to the supernatural beings, and will focus on the first, the animating, or the driving force, or motivations if you will, in the life of human beings, which is something you can see and verify, especially within yourself.

As I have mentioned several times in my writings, there are three realities that we should be aware of, the nature, the world and the spirit.
The nature is all things that come from it, including animals and the man, hence the biblical term for such man, "the natural man". The bible also refers to the nature as "the flesh".
Our world is everything created by the man, the material and spiritual alike.
The spiritual is everything that is of the supernatural, as in not of the earth, referring to life and not to matter. For better understanding of the biblical text you can replace the word God with the word Life, hence Life is a Spirit, and so all living things have some kind of spirit in them, which of course include the animals and the man, hence the man has the spirit of nature in him, which means he is part animal. For example the horse has the spirit of the horse, the dog the spirit of the dog, and so forth and such. And so we often speak of the individual nature of the horse, the dog or the man.

The natural life is instinctive, and each kind has its particular instinctive imprint, but all natural life has at its core the instinct of self-preservation, hence selfish and self-serving, therefore love is not of the nature but is rather supernatural.

Now, the devil is often depicted as some man-beast with animal parts, like the tail, the hoof and the horns, which is fairly self-explanatory of the previous, half animal and half man, referring mainly to his animal nature of self-preservation. However, the animals cannot think since they lack in existential awareness and so they cannot do any evil, as opposed to the natural man that has the existential awareness and now can think for himself. I am emphasizing here the words "think for him-self", because here is where the devil is born in the man, since such man's thinking is founded on his animal's instincts of self-preservation and related instincts.

And so, the definition of a devil is any man whose function of the mind and thinking is founded on his natural instincts, which are self-preservation, greed, fear, need to consume, as well as sex, which is driven by the reproductive instinct, but in the world of men it corrupts into passion, or desire if you will. And it is also for all these reasons that the word devil also means God's adversary, because just like in nature the individual animals compete for the higher position in the group of its kind, so does such devil-man compete among men for the higher and more powerful position among the men in this world. Please do not misunderstand, for the devil will often mention or even promote some god to advance his position among men in this world, hence the devil can appear religious, and so we speak of "wolves in sheep's clothing".

On the other hand, the Satanic spirit is not of the nature but rather supernatural, hence often associated with an angel. The Satan, or the satanic spirit, is also referred to as God's adversary, because such spirit competes with God for the souls of men, which is in essence feminine, hence the term used by women, "my soul mate".

In addition the word Satan also refers to the word "accuser", as in accusing men before God, where of course one needs the law for that. It is for this reason that it is written that Michael the archangel argued with the devil about the body of Moses, the body of the law giver, and it is also for this reason why Michelangelo added the horns to his statue of Moses. It is also for this reason why the devil is depicted with two horns, or like the second beast in the book of revelation, because it is through the laws that the devil subdues and entraps human beings, thus actually serving the Satan.

Since the major weakness of the natural man is the desire to have sex with women, the Satanic spirit works through the woman to do its bidding, to take the souls of men from God, or you could say from life, hence the contemporary empowering of women is purely of Satanic origin, which the man-devils exploits, but for their selfish reasons. And so, one could say that the devil serves the Satan often inadvertently, while in women such spirit is often at home since most women want to have a man for themselves, or better said his soul, hence the term "soul mate". And so it is no wonder that women propagate romance, falling in love and most do anything to attract the man, or woman. Are not the words "falling in love" equivalent to condemnation or at least to pain since it has the word "fall" in it?

Unlike the spirit of the devil that revolves around the man's animal instincts, the satanic sprit revolves around the spirituality  of the human beings, which means around emotions. And so, in simple terms, the devil's mind functions and thinks on the bases of natural instincts, while the Satanic mind functions and thinks on the bases of emotions, or feelings. Since our emotional feelings, especially those of emotional pain, are more frequent than pain of the flesh, we tend to do more evil based on emotions rather than on instincts. The love of the devil and the Satan are similar in the fact that they are both consuming, meaning that both will consume one another. As opposed to the love of God that is life giving, hence eternal, for without the love of God neither the Satan nor the devil would exist. And so it is written, that "good and evil, life and death, poverty and riches are from the Lord, and since all life originates from God, to you, who lacks in spiritual awareness, it could be said that "good and evil, life and death, poverty and riches are from Life".

As I have mentioned a few times before, one cannot see the truth outside of him or her until he or she sees the truth within, hence the saying: "Know thyself". It would be also wise to add, that all humans have the masculine and feminine elements of life in them, since all human beings are begotten by the masculine and born of the feminine. And so, any man or woman is wise to look for the devil and Satan first within, and only then he or she can see these spirits outside, but if one subjects his or her reality, or the reality of others, to his or her judgment, he will see nothing.

The evil spirit, or spirits if you will, can be categorized as any spirit that leads to death, which are often referred to as demons. And so, the term demon basically refers to any animating force that leads to death. And so we have the demons of the devil, or of the flesh if you will, which are all fears associated with the natural self-preservation of the flesh as well as its desires, which basically refers to the material feel and existence. The Satanic demons mainly refer to the spiritual feel and existence, of which the most evil is envy, that to be the original sin, which caused the infamous "Fall of Man".
The fear of pain in animals is part of the inborn instincts in the natural life, and in more mature child, that becomes aware if his or her existence, in addition to the previous it turns to fear of death. This fear of pain, and in men also the fear of death, gives birth to the spirit of courage that lives in the heart of all creatures that have one with the spirit of courage within. And so it is not for nothing said that the Earth is all about the hearts, specifically the heart of man.

I would like to close this writing with a story, that may help to shed some light into one's life.
The Satan came to the man saying: "I will fulfill any wish you have, as many wishes you want for as long as you wish, except the last one, and all this for no price at all, and there is no trickery involved".
Since the trickery was eliminated the man accepted, thinking: "What's one unfulfilled wish against all I wish, as I am sure I can live without that one".
On the way out the Satan said to the man with a smile: "You belong to me now!"
The man protested saying angrily: "You've said no trickery involved!"
To this Satan replied: "No trickery, as said, but you can rest assured that the last thing you will ask of me is death and I will not grant that".

The hell is a state of existence where one fears death and hates life or has no "reason" to live, or a place where one wishes to die and cannot, hence eternal torment. It could be also said that hell is a state of existence where the word hope does not exist.


Written by Ludvik K. Stanek




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