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On this page I will present many controversial publications in relevance to the world religions, their contrast, fanaticism, contradictions and frequent demagogy.



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The World Religions & Ideologies



Lenin, a demagog, once said that the religion is the pacifier of the masses, though to some point true, it is still somewhat ironic since he replaced it with ideology. Ideology is in essence a religion where the believers, by their own admission, believe in something that does not exist, and in the case of communism totally unattainable due to human nature, in short a nonsense. By its own definition ideology is an imaginary or visionary theorization.

The ideologies do not enhance the evolution of man, but rather derail it, hence ending in crash, as opposed to fanatical religious orders that impede the growth of man.

The religious fanatics claim to know God, while the delusional ideologists claim that man invented God since he failed to understand the nature of things, as if they would. Men did not invent God, but rather invented religions based on their concepts of god so they can control the population by fear.
Therefore religions do not serve to explain some realities but rather serve as a governing tool for those in power. Henceforth in the Ancient Rome one had to accept the Romans gods if he wanted to become Roman citizen. This does not differ much from swearing the oath of allegiance during the naturalization process here in the USA, which is in essence a swearing of allegiance to the gods of USA.

The problem with the so called ideologists/demogogs is that they are not satisfied with power only, as they want to be worshiped as gods, and henceforth the first thing on the chopping block is any contemporary local religion or god. Religions, true or not, have a significant importance in the social structure, and once man attempt to fill in the void caused by their removal, things will always end up in chaos.

Revolutions are nothing more but running in circles, where we remove the old and establish the "new", because we forgot that the "new" was here before, hence the youth is more vulnerable.
Religions are usually the core of the social morals, and once removed what man is above the rest so high that he should decide what is good and what is bad. It is the nature of a man to struggle against his oppressors, and any man that is ruled by another is oppressed in one way or another.
Understand that religions are not made by God but by men, same way as ideologies, and only a fool follows another, because he is not aware of the other's folly since he is a bigger fool, hence like a dog chasing his tail is the history of humanity.


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