The Games of Politics

On this page I will present the games of the domestic and foreign politics played for the sake of deluding the public in order to gain power over others.



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The Games of Politics



The definition of politics: "Social relations involving intrigue to gain authority or power".
It would be fair to begin with the fact that politics are practiced by the weak, since it is the weak that seek power, as it was once said, "When you are powerless it is then that you are strong". In addition to that, the concept of an "honest politician" is a genuine oxymoron. This image depicts a man searching for an honest man, and who would search for one among the weak? The genuine honesty requires not only strength but also courage, since one will hardly grow wealthy or powerful in that. As once said, "a war is about young men dying and old men talking", or one could say, "the strong and brave dying and the weak cowards talking".

It is beyond me how any sane people can participate in some electoral process selecting the leaders for their country from the cesspool of the weak and cowardly. Furthermore, how can one vote for someone he does not know, and yet many do this. We do not know the people that are running for the various offices of the government, unless they are our neighbors. They are presented to us via the media, and what kind of a fool can even take any media seriously, let alone believe what is on TV.

The presentation of politicians is carefully orchestrated for the appearance sake, even to the point that they actually have to read speeches written by others, lest their tongue slips and truth is revealed. People watched this so long that they accepted these circus shows as normal and as fools end up believing this crap. Only one talent is needed to become a politician or actor, which is the ability to deceive, to pretend to be someone else, and yet many venerate such people. The talent for deception is usually found in the weak and cowardly, as some nature's substitute for the lack of strength and courage.

The politicians, like the actors, seek fame and once that is achieved they will look for power, hence to my disbelief many actors become politicians. And so the politics of any state is nothing more but ridiculous circus shows played for the fools, and as you can see, these fools are in great numbers all over this planet.

How can anyone even utter such absurdity as some transparency of the government, let alone believe in the possibility of the same. A man has more sense believing that a bird sitting outside his window is God than a man believing in transparency of the government. Isn't it the same oxymoron as honest politician? However this does not surprise me in these generations, since most of them vaporized their brains during the "flower people era".

It was once wisely said that the man most suitable for the office would never run for one.











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