About My Websites

On this page I am presenting the motivations and reasons for publishing my equine websites, as well as this personal website, hoping to bring some enlightenment and better understanding to the readers of my publications.


About My Websites


I have spent most of my early life mainly among the professional horsemen, when working with horses, and so I had no clue about what the amateurs and horse show people do.
I've also had no interest in writing anything, not only because it is something I do not like to do, but also because I find writing fairly difficult, especially in the English language. It would be also fair to mention that I have written only some 5 letters to my parents since I've left them, and before they died.

In around 1998, when I was done with training and riding horses, and took up farriery as my full occupation, I have become exposed not only to the horse backyards, but also to the various amateurs and horse show people, and their use of horses. It became more than obvious that most of those folks had very little knowledge, not only in riding and training of horses, but very much lacking knowledge in the basic care for horses. And so, as I've started to shoe their animals, I began to point out to them the proper care for horses, especially where the horses' feet were concern, while introducing them to various products and medications.

After a while, as my client tell grew, it became fairly annoying to keep repeating the same things over, and over. In addition to that, introducing someone to a new product, and the proper care, is one thing, and it is another, for him or her to actually do it as explained. On many occasions people did not use the products properly, or did not execute my instructions as advised.

And so the idea came to me to create a website where I would present all these relevant things, and then direct my clients to the appropriate pages. At first I've started with the basic products and their practical uses, then was adding the varieties in horse care, including the treatments of various injuries.

In and around 2001 I have started with the website stablemade.com, which then had two subdomains, one regarding the horse products and their uses, and the other was about horse care, presenting various articles in care of horses, as well as ailments, injuries and the appropriate care.

As the time went on, people got to know me, and had more and more questions, often not only about the previous subjects, but also about riding and training of horses. Since I knew then, that the riding and training topics will be controversial, I have made another website named horsemanPro.com, to keep it separated from Stablemade. I simply did not want folks to miss out on the Stablemade website, just because they would feel offended by something written by me on the Horsemanpro.com.

When starting shoeing, I became exposed to this wide spread nonsense about horses, especially among women. I was literally shocked on many occasions how some of these women perceived horses, which is what lead me to write many articles on the horsemanpro.com.
I have often wondered why people need a driving license, but do not need a license to own a life stock, especially a horse. Most of these women perceive the horse as some big dog, and of course that reflects in the way they take care of these animals, which is at least in 95% cases totally insufficient and inappropriate, resulting in unnecessary abuse and suffering of these animals.
Furthermore, it became more than obvious that people around horses, and in the horse show industry, as well as in the competitive sport disciplines, are women, and so for this reasons my articles target women, while leaving men out. Needless to say that many of these arrogant women will accuse me of being sexist.

The 10% of men, in those industries, consist of men that are there to exploit the women's passions for horses, and the other half, or so, are effeminates, hence when addressing women, I am also addressing the latter. There is no point for me to address those that exploit the women, because they are not interested in horsemanship, but rather in money, which I am also pointing out in my publications. The hand full of horsemen, that may be here and there, will have hardly any need to read my websites, hence addressing them would be useless.

In my articles on the equine websites, I am not presenting my opinions or thoughts, but rather presenting ways of doing things that I have done and lived. Henceforth my writings are not for debate, unless one was there with me and would say that it was not so, and that I am lying. For some odd reason, despite that I am pointing this fact out in several of my articles, there are still some fools that want to debate what I have done, or go as far as not agreeing with me, as if my life or things I've done could be changed.

My websites are not about education, nor I expect people to believe me, but what I am hoping for, that by reading my websites they take a look at who they are, and what they are doing, and in this way hoping to bring some enlightenment into their lives. I am not writing for the sake of horses, nor I am doing anything noble or kind, but my writings are very much about a simple thing called "light".
Of course the light is useless to the blind. Since the arrogant lack in sight they tend to hate and despise my writings on all my websites, which of course is irrelevant. One simply cannot say to the blind, "look and see", and so one is better off to leave the blind fools fall into the ditch, if they do not heed the words they hear, but cannot see.

I have put this weblee.com up recently, because it became obvious that when people know something about the author and the creator of the websites, they will be able, or at least I hope so, to understand my writings better, especially by knowing where I came from, from what times, and what I have done and lived. I am also including on this site various subjects in relevance to the world, the nature and the spirit, hoping that in these people get to know me better, or better said, understand me better, mainly my writings. My style of writing should be read and seen from the artistic perspective, as it is meant to move and enlighten the reader, and not to convince him or her about anything.

In conclusion I would like to say, that I really do not care much about what people think of my websites, because it will not have any influence on me or on my writings, since I am not selling anything. Most websites want feedbacks because they want to satisfy the visitors, to get more traffic, make more money or what not. I am not interested in any of these, and so the opinions of others, especially when it comes to horses, is nothing more but a hot air to me, and not even worth reading.
On the same note, I do not like any compliments, and so I do my best to give "hints" on my contact pages, lest people send me some silly emails. One could ask why then do I have the contact pages on my websites, and the answer is fairly simple, if I would not have them, the sites would not look legitimate and respectful. For the same reason I have signed all my publications and added my name to them, lest they would be seen as written by some coward that is hiding somewhere.

If you do have some legitimate questions about horses, or about me, my websites and articles, I will be more than glad to respond and help if I can, but please spare me from your opinions and judgments, they come dime a dozen, and I really do not care.

Written by Ludvik K. Stanek




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