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I have published two other websites and presented on them many articles, mostly in relevance to horses and their nature. Since some of the articles are fairly controversial I have put this site up to present information about myself as a courtesy to the readers and visitors of those websites.  


Ludvik StanekMy full name is Ludvik Karel Stanek and most folks call me Lee. I was born 10/14/46 in Prague former CZ. I have graduated from the school Kladruby Nad Labem in CZ as a "professional rider and breeder of horses. More…

February 26, 2011


demoI am providing some articles on a variety of subjects, hoping that the contents will say more about me than my life story. I am not sharing my thoughts but rather my life experiences and revelations. See articles navigation page for summations.

February 26, 2011

My Websites:

demoI have published two equine websites where I mostly share my life and experiences in working with horses for 50 years + translations from my school books. See links on the left boarder. More...

February 26, 2011


Presently Worked On.

demoI've put this site up on February 24, 2011, and so it is fairly new website, but I have finished all main pages, and now I am in the process of writing and publishing new articles according to the various subjects. If you are interested, please keep frequently checking for the new updates that are placed on the home page.

WhatsNew updated March 27, 2011


Horse Breeds & Horse care.

demoThis website presents information about various breeds of horses, as well as, my experiences in feeding and general horse care. It also includes various veterinary publications and information about the drugs and their use in horses.

Website updated: May 26, 2011


Riding, Traning & Farriery.

demoThis site presents my life experiences with horses, as well as in horsemanship, riding, training and farriery. Also includes relative correspondence sharing, as well as, some fairly controversial articles presented on the same name page.

Website updated: May 19, 2011

Weblee.com - Website Introduction:


There are not many articles published on this site as of yet since it is fairly new website.

If you wish to play my music collection while browsing this site, open a new browser window (Ctrl + N) and browse this site in one window and play the music in another.
Of course if you will be using the page readers it is not recommended, obviously.
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 Updated: April 21, 2012

Website Updates:

Introduction: I have created this website for the purpose of presenting myself, and to give more detailed information about myself mainly to the visitors of my equine websites, which are listed on the left boarders of the main pages. 

The personal life information contains some basic data about my origins, as well as my education and experiences. Most of the articles on that page present various stories of my life, and where and how I've learned from the same. It also includes an article about my writings on this website, as well as my other sites.

I am also publishing here, articles written by me, on various subjects that concern us today. These articles do not present my opinions, but rather present the observations and experiences from my life, as well as my spiritual revelations in relevance to life in general. These articles also include various suggestions to the solutions of our social problems and dilemmas, hoping to bring some enlightenment to the confused, misled and deceived.

This website, like my other sites, is not for the stupid, ignorant and arrogant. It is also unsuitable reading for feminists and other sexists, though these may accuse me of being one. This website of course rates as politically incorrect, the same way as the rest of my sites do. The political correctness demagoguery has the sole purpose of limiting the freedom of speech, as well as to curb the individual personal liberties of men. However, this website in no way promotes neither rebellions or revolutions of any kind, nor it suggest any violence toward people or the governing institutions, as well as it does not support any activism.

I have included in these articles the "page reader", a computer generated voice, which is a useful tool for those that prefer to listen to the text rather than reading, or would like to do both, listen and read along.

It would be prudent to conclude with the saying, that the "wisdom of the poor man is despised and his words go unheeded", and to add to that, I have no education in the English language or in writing in the same. Therefore, the reading of this site may not be a pleasant experience for the reader.


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Personal website of Ludvik K. Stanek. A horseman by God's grace.