The Mandatory Education

The most preposterous and naive belief held by many people is that the schools teach facts, or the truth if you will, and many folks in most schools, mainly the young children, believe it and take for granted, unfortunately.


The Mandatory Education And Indoctrination


The most preposterous and naive belief held by many people is that the schools teach facts, or the truth if you will, and many folks in most schools, mainly the young children, believe it and take for granted, unfortunately.

 Now, one may asks for some proof or evidence, more likely because he or she cannot see it in their lives. So let's look for the evidence in life, because there is where all the living truth is, one just has to see it, hence the truth is always self-evident.

In the past the serfs, the poor and the slaves did not have any access to education, especially not to the learning how to read, and that for obvious reasons, so they would not read any books and did not get any idea about organized rebellion. Now, once you forbid something to human beings, they want it even more just because it is forbidden, obviously, since it is the nature of humanity.
In addition to that it is almost impossible to keep the masses from something they want, and so the devious minds of the world use the education to pacify the people by making them believe that they are receiving education. And so, it would be fair to mention, as Lenin said about religion that it is the pacifier of the masses, that the same could be said about the state mandatory education, that it is the pacifier of the masses, indisputably and obviously, hence the saying, "there is a sucker born every minute". Therefore it is predominantly for this reason that education is mandatory in the most so-called advanced countries.
All of the education, especially the higher education, is always tainted by the politics of the state, no matter where one lives.
A man may fly to the moon, but has no clue why and for what purpose, and so forth and such. We may invent things for one purpose, while the state will use it for another, in most cases unknown to us during our education or while working on it, e.g. nuclear power or the internet and so forth and such.

And so, as the slaves of the past were denied the access to education, the slaves of today are forced to be educated by their masters to serve their purpose, and that so well that they actually not only believe that they are educated, but also that they are free, while living not only as slaves, but also in darkness. At least the slaves of the past were not so stupid so as to believe that they were free.
And so, everyone is enslaved by that by which he has been overcome, meaning that we are not only enslaved by others, or the system if you will, but mostly by our own thinking, as well as passions, desires, addictions and such. Who is serving these to you?

As it is, there is only one truth but infinite number of lies, and so in reality the truth is outnumbered by infinity to one. And so it is fairly easy to cover up the truth in people's minds only, and that in many ways. We can add lies to the truth or we can remove some facts from her, in which case we can turn the truth into a lie, which is the most common way of deceiving people, because we can often deliver some "scientific" evidence to support this kind of lie since it contains truth, or facts if you will. Please note that most of the so-called scientific facts bear the face of the contemporary ruling class, no matter what country you live.

We can also create downright lies in great numbers and throw the truth in with them into the database of one's mind. Though the truth is light and the lies are darkness, the human mind cannot sort them out since it cannot see and lives in that darkness. And because the lies can only exist in one's mind that is blind, it is only the fools that trust their minds. One of the most stupid and absurd phrases that is often repeated on the TV news channels is: "We report and you decide", as if the truth should be subjected to one's thinking, judgment or opinion.

One of the greatest lies that children are taught is to rely on their thinking, and they are taught about the so-called great contemporary thinkers or those "great" minds from the past. They are also taught this stupid ideology of "free thinking", as if there would be such thing. The concept of free thinking is absurdity, because one's thinking is founded on the database that is in one's mind and memory. The data, or information if you will, enters one's mind from three sources, from life experiences and from information, or better said misinformation, passed from others, and this is where the mandatory education comes into play for obvious reasons.
In addition to the above, that your thinking operates on the particular database gained through life and passed information, our thinking is very much influenced by our emotions, as well as instincts, and in addition to that by our state of mind. The latter could be influenced by our physical and mental state. It is beyond me how anyone can be so stupid so as to entrust his or her life, let alone the life of others, to that, to his or her own thinking, let alone to someone else's. And so, the self-evident truth is fairly clear, the more you think the more stupid you get, and the more mandatory state education you get the more stupid you become. It is not for nothing said that "all children are born smart, they just get dumber as they get older".
The definition of the word "idiot" should also include: noun idiot: "a person that spends too much time in his or her head thinking or dreaming, while oblivious of realities", hence the thinkers and the dreamers are the biggest fools among human beings. To live in darkness means to live according to one's own thoughts or someone else's thoughts or ideology.

And so, the slaves in the past were not educated but at least they were not stupid but rather ignorant of what was outside their environment, but well aware of their state of being slaves. On the other hand the so-called educated people become stupid merely by the fact that they entrusted their minds to those that want to rule them, or one could say, enslave them. You could look at the education of masses, the people, as some training of some beast to do one's bidding, and the bigger the beast the more powerful the human god. Money may be one of the hidden powers that turn the world, but the power of a ruler is measured by the number of his subjects who are willing to fight for him as they were taught, hence we worship the human heroes that did such stupid things.
It was once not for nothing said: "Show me a hero and I show you a victim". One could also say: "Show me a world educated person and I show you a fool", or on the same note, "Show me a thinker and I show you an idiot". All the so-called "thinkers" live their whole lives in the bubble of their minds, in darkness, and so we say that there are as many worlds as there are people, though there is only one world that we live in.

In my travels I have noticed very obvious thing, that all countries have their own versions of world history, as well as the origins of man, to fit their political structure, and so there are only two possibilities. Either they are all lying or only one of them is truth, in which case the latter is not likely since history is passed from generations to generations that constantly keep adjusting the historical facts to the contemporary political and social needs, in which case the truth got lost over all these generations.
And so we can say with fair accuracy that history repeats itself, because people are stupid and ignorant due to being misled, or better said deceived, intentionally or not.

It would be also worth mentioning that the internet serves as some vector to spread the virus of stupidity from one mind to another, hence the blogging, the twitter and the face book are promoted by all the infected, for once when infected one becomes the transmitter of the virus. Most internet active people worry about the viruses that infect their computer, while totally oblivious to the viruses that enter their mind.
Stupidity is an infection that spreads through the communication with the infected, or better said, with the stupid, and so the saying, "the blind leading the blind".

It would be also fair to mention that most people do not want to hear the truth, or better said refuse to see it, and this for very simple reasons. Since their entire life is structured around lies, they would have to destroy their lives by accepting the truth, and who would want to die? And so people by nature resent and hate the truth because the truth will kill them, or better said will destroy their lives that are structured around lies. And since the fear of death is purely instinctive, people instinctively reject the truth, because they do not want to die. Now you may understand why people hate the truth so much, even to the point of killing another, to which the crucifixion of Christ bears witness.
The Jews did not crucify Christ, we did, we human beings, the thinking monkeys of this world. The thinking monkeys are all humans whose lives revolve around their own animal's instincts and their thinking, hence thinking animals, thinking monkeys, as they all live and think according to their own selfish nature.

One could say that the school teaches many useful things, and that may be true, but one should not become oblivious to what else is being added to the useful things. A glass of water is vital, but not if it is poisoned or contaminated, for then it becomes deadly. The mandatory state education is like some poisoned soup, and in many cases so well cooked and seasoned that you do not care what you are eating, as long as it tastes good, hence poison is best served sweet, or in tasty foods or drinks.

One is wise to look for the evil in everything good, and for the good in everything evil, but without the Divine providence it is indiscernible in the present human state, hence the wise rely not on their minds or thinking, but rather on the wisdom of God, which goes as:
"Only God is good".
"Trust no man but God".
"All human beings are liars".
"Where there is no knowledge, there is no wisdom, but knowledge without God given wisdom brings forth chaos and destruction".

And so the man died after eating from the tree of knowledge, metaphorically speaking of course, as the book of Genesis is a genuine literary art, hence more likely misunderstood by the thinkers.

Now you may understand why the world powers that be of this "modern and progressive world" target God first above all. Therefore Lenin said that "a religion is the pacifier of the masses", only to do the same with his ideology to serve his purpose. Ideology is not reality but rather a theoretical belief and conviction just like a religion often is, and so by taking the God out of the equation a man can become god above other man by convincing them that there is no God and that God is nothing more but a myth. This is done primarily through convincing the unbelievers, and that by ridiculing the religious and by promoting constantly and repeatedly the particular ideology.
The one thing most children fear the most in real life is humiliation and ridicule before their colleagues, especially the female gender, which is weaker. And so, it is through the ridicule that the truth is erased and lies implanted in the young minds, hence the control and take over the educational system is priority number one in all forms of governments of this world. And so, it is not for nothing said that worthy men are tested in the crucible of humiliation.

Lenin also said, when watching a motion picture for the first time, that movies can be a great tool for education, though the more truthful word would be indoctrination. And so I will point this out in another article about the so-called "political arts" through which many are victimized without having even the slightest clue what is entering their minds, the children and mature people alike.
Most people believe that education by the state is done through the schools only, while most of it is done in the free time of the victim during the so-called entertainment. And so, it would be fair to say that the second priority after the education is the media and the entertainment industry, which was evident during the McCarthyism persecution of the leftists in the movie industry, which was not unfounded. Unfortunately people loved the comedians much more than the truth, and so the prosecutions of the leftist-actors were dismissed and one evil was replaced with another.
The movies and television are much more powerful than books, because they can make the lies appear as real since they become animated and one can see them with his or her eyes.

The ultimate art of war is the conquering of a country, civilization or culture without a shot being fired, and without violence, which gets done patiently and progressively through the indoctrination of the population, and that not only in the schools, but mainly through the entertainment industry. If someone speaks of progress, ask him: "Progress to where?" The lies are revealed in his answers instantly to any perceptive human being.

What did the dictator Hitler do, when he got his power through the democratic process? First he went after education and media, then after industry and healthcare, and since he needed money for all that, he went after the rich, who were predominantly the Jews, who he also used as the enemies of the state to unify the beast, the "educated" German people, the masses behind him. Is not the same happening not only here in the USA, but also in the entire world?
And so as you can see the majority was wrong, as it always is, for the human stupidity is always in majority, hence all the elected leaders and presidents are elected by the stupid. What does that make them? The kings of the fools? Beware of anyone who wants to help the poor by taking money and wealth from others, as that is exactly what Hitler did, and we all know how that ended.
Will people ever learn even if they know the history? No, and that because the youth always THINKS that it knows better than the previous and technologically less advanced generation, and so it ignores the mistakes of that previous generation, and that is stupid.
And so, the children keep doing the same mistakes as their parents, because they do not listen but think, and so the history repeats itself and if God will not help, the man will be doomed to this eternal ride on this hellish rollercoaster of madness. And since you are living in this world, riding this hellish rollercoaster, do not look down, but rather keep looking up, for you may be lifted out of this madness by the grace of God.


Written by Ludvik K. Stanek




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