On this page I will be addressing predominantly the social indoctrinations of children, as well as adults. Education is like food and it comes seasoned to one's cooking. Who cooked yours?



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The genuine education is one's life and without a failure there is simply none. The real learning comes from life and not from reading and study.

The above statement is not saying that one should not read, but rather that one should verify everything he reads in his life. Don't believe anything, verify it in life, and that is how one receives the genuine revelations and enlightenment. Of course one's awareness is the key, as well as one's ability to see things as they are. It is very important, when reading books, to see the writer in his works and not in his bio. On the same note be aware who puts the book out and for what reasons, because the latter is rarely acknowledged by the authors or the propagators of the books.

It is more than fair to point out that all, and I mean literally all, state mandatory educations serve primarily for the indoctrination of students of the particular state, society or country. This is a fact that any moron should be aware of; hence one should first and for most see these indoctrination attempts in all educations. In most political systems the child may learn how to read and write, but the social politically corrective "soup du jure" is included.

The higher education one gets, the more seasoning comes in that meal, as the particular society wants to insure that the "smart ones" go with the plan. The indoctrination does not come only by the written or spoken word, but very much by thought induction and manipulation, usually via the arts and in the free time of the victim.


The above trio is missing the "theocratic socialism", the Islam,
and so I added that on the right.
And of course all of them are supposedly the result of the democratic process.

What soup are you getting?

To be free means setting oneself free from these indoctrinations,
which is what the truth does. However, if you do not live in the light of the truth,
you will not be able to see it.

Of course in homeschooling your child, you not only replicate yourself and your inadequacy and blindness, but you deprive your child from social development.
If we would just stop lying to our children,
 which starts with Santa Claus and cartoons.


The mandatory education and indoctrination






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