The Bible

This page will not serve to preach or explain the bible, but rather it will reveal the misuse of this book and its content. Like with other arts, this book too is very tempting tool to be misused for manipulation, exploitation and control.



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The Bible


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As mentioned above, the articles in this page do not serve to preach or explain the contents of this book, but rather are addressing and revealing the misuse of this book. I would like to start first with the fact that this book contains one of the best, if not the best, collections of artistic writings I've seen, and so it is not for nothing called the Book of books, hence the title The Bible/The Book.
I have asked many times of people that read, or don't read, the bible, what it is that they are reading, or what the bible is. In most cases they did not understand this simple question, and so I had to rephrase. Many people will refer to the Bible as the word of God, which it is not, since the definition of the Word of God is in that book.

This book is not only misused by the believers and the preachers, but also very much by the politicians and the leaders of the world. This book alone can be life giving, the words within that is, and it can also be deadly.

To conclude this I would like to point out a simple fact, which is supported by the book itself, that the writings in this book are not the subject to human interpretations but rather to Divine revelations. No one can understand the writings in this book, unless he actually lives it, hence believing what is in this book is not the same as living it, since the former is a subject to one's mind interpretations, while the latter results from life experiences. And so as stated on the other page, the genuine education and knowledge is what one lives and not what one reads or hears.




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