The Arts

This page, and the articles within, will mainly address the visual arts, as well as the Art of Word, and their influence on human beings, their growth and beliefs.



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demoI've put this site up on February 24, 2011, and so it is fairly new website, but I have finished all main pages, and now I am in the process of writing and publishing new articles according to the various subjects. If you are interested, please keep frequently checking for the new updates that are placed on the home page.

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Horse Breeds & Horse care.

demoThis website presents information about various breeds of horses, as well as, my experiences in feeding and general horse care. It also includes various veterinary publications and information about the drugs and their use in horses.

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Riding, Traning & Farriery.

demoThis site presents my life experiences with horses, as well as in horsemanship, riding, training and farriery. Also includes relative correspondence sharing, as well as, some fairly controversial articles presented on the same name page.

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The Arts



It has been said that "the ability to reason rests in the ability to see things as they are". There are Arts, and then there are arts, the former is intended for expression, while the latter is intended for manipulation, usually of a certain group of people. It is important to mention here that the latter is not my intent; hence it is absent in my "artistic writings". However, my writings will bring to light the perversion of the arts, their uses and abuses. If you need someone to explain to you what you see or read in the arts, then you are simply blind and worse, a fool for trusting another man/woman.

Perverted art is worshiped, because it is propagated to the people, as well as used for the indoctrination of the youth, who then can grows into these arts and becomes easily manipulated as animals through such perversions of truth and realities. The nature of perverted arts is to distort the realities and truth in lives of people. The genuine art is inspired, and serves predominantly for expression, which is often full of revelations, depending on what one is able to see in those arts. Unfortunately these genuine arts are used by those that explain these arts again with the intent to mislead and manipulate. As once said: "Trust no man but God".
















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