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Presently Worked On.

demoI've put this site up on February 24, 2011, and so it is fairly new website, but I have finished all main pages, and now I am in the process of writing and publishing new articles according to the various subjects. If you are interested, please keep frequently checking for the new updates that are placed on the home page.

WhatsNew updated March 27, 2011

Horse Breeds & Horse care.

demoThis website presents information about various breeds of horses, as well as, my experiences in feeding and general horse care. It also includes various veterinary publications and information about the drugs and their use in horses.

Website updated: May 26, 2011

Riding, Traning & Farriery.

demoThis site presents my life experiences with horses, as well as in horsemanship, riding, training and farriery. Also includes relative correspondence sharing, as well as, some fairly controversial articles presented on the same name page.

Website updated: May 19, 2011

The List of Subjects.



It would be fair to start this page with the biblical quote "The wisdom of a poor man is despised, and his words go unheeded". Now when you add to this the fact that I have no formal education in the English language, and that I am just a "working man", the reading of my articles may not be a pleasant experience for the reader. And so if you let my inadequacy in the literacy of my "literary arts" stand in your way then leave, as any of my writings will hardly bear any fruit to such reader. In addition to this I write as I see and live and not my opinions, and totally ignoring the politically correct speech and behavior, while refusing to adopt some diplomatic skills into my writings. In short, I really do not care much about what you think of me, my websites or my writing, nor I have any reason to.

Let's stand this as a warning, lest you could feel offended or your feelings getting hurt by reading any of my stuff. This website, as well as my other sites, is not suitable for the stupid, ignorant, weak, greedy, envious, arrogant, cowards, pampered, the effeminized and the feminists.

If any of my articles are edited by another person it is stated in that publication. As it is I have no editors, and depend solely on myself and my proofreading of the materials, which is fairly impossible, hence writers have editors, something I cannot afford.

Below I am presenting the links to, and the descriptions of, the various topics, while the topic/subject pages will contain the links to relevant articles.

The List of Subjects:


This page, and the articles within, will mainly address the visual arts, as well as the Art of Word, and their influence on human beings, their growth and beliefs.


On this page I will be addressing predominantly the social indoctrinations of children, as well as adults. Education is like food and it comes seasoned to one's cooking. Who cooked yours?


No Articles.

On this page I will bring to light the influence of movies and television on people's thoughts, as well as their lives, and mainly the lack of awareness of the same.

The Bible

No Articles.

This page will not serve to preach or explain the bible, but rather it will reveal the misuse of this book and its content. Like with other arts, this book too is very tempting tool to be misused for manipulation, exploitation and control of the particular population.


On this page I will present the dilemmas of our societies and their satirical laws, rules and regulations, especially in the concept that people can govern themselves.


On this page I will present many controversial publications in relevance to the world religions, their contrast, fanaticism, contradictions and frequent demagogy.


On this page I will present the games of the domestic and foreign politics played for the sake of deluding the public in order to gain power over others.

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